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It didn't take long for people to use the Steam Awards to tell Valve to make Half-Life 3


People are using the new Steam Awards to remind Valve that, yes, pretty much everyone wants Half-Life 3.

Earlier this week Steam launched a new user-powered awards system that let people nominate games.

Valve created a number of award categories, such as the "Best Use Of A Farm Animal" award. But it also included a wild card, the "We Didn't Think Of Everything" award, which tasks the audience with writing in and voting for their own category.

It's this category that people are using to tell Valve to pull its finger out and make the sequel everyone's been waiting years for.

On the Half-Life subreddit, user GruffBarbarian got the ball rolling with the following image:

At the time of publication, that post had 713 comments, mostly from people declaring they'd done the same.

Now, we don't expect Valve to change any internal plan because of hundreds of Steam awards votes, but it's a keen reminder that quite a lot of people would like to play a Half-Life 3 game - nine years after Episode 2 came out.

Still, I couldn't help but jump on the bandwagon, just in case Gaben is listening. Done!