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Iron Maiden in Guitar Hero 80s

Along with Anthrax, apparently.

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Activision has announced some more of the tracks going into this summer's Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s.

Due out in July Stateside on PS2, Rock the 80s is now known to include stuff from the likes of Iron Maiden and Oingo Boingo. Right.

The official reveal identifies the various tracks listed at the bottom of this item, but a separate note - posted on The PRP - picks up on a couple of others mentioned on the back of a pre-order box.

Given the overlap with Activision's official new list, it seems likely that the others on the pre-order list - Anthrax's "Caught in a Mosh", The Vapors' "Turning Japanese" and Winger's "Seventeen" - will also join the line-up.

Anyway, here's Activision's newly-added-track list:

  • Hold On Loosely (as made famous by .38 Special)
  • No One Like You (as made famous by Scorpions)
  • Only a Lad (as made famous by Oingo Boingo)
  • Radar Love (as made famous by White Lion)
  • Ballroom Blitz (as made famous by Krokus)
  • The Warrior (by Scandal)
  • What I Like About You (as made famous by The Romantics)
  • Wrath Child (as made famous by Iron Maiden)

Previously announced tracks:

  • I Wanna Rock (by Twisted Sister)
  • I Ran (by Flock of Seagulls)
  • Round and Round (as made famous by Ratt)
  • Metal Health (as made famous by Quiet Riot)
  • Holy Diver (as made famous by Dio)
  • Heat Of The Moment (as made famous by Asia)
  • 18 and Life (as made famous by Skid Row)
  • Bathroom Wall (as made famous by Faster Pussycat)
  • Lonely is the Night (as made famous by Billy Squier)
  • Nothing But a Good Time (as made famous by Poison)
  • Play With Me (as made famous by Extreme)
  • Shaken (as made famous by Eddie Money)
  • Synchronicity II (as made famous by The Police)

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