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IO "satisfied" with Kane & Lynch 2

Genre preconceptions caused divide.

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IO Interactive has claimed to be "satisfied" with the reaction to Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days.

Eurogamer awarded a below average 4/10, but others have gone higher.

"I would say we are satisfied with Kane & Lynch 2, which in its final form ended up being as we had imagined it," studio spokesperson Tom Stratton told Eurogamer Denmark this afternoon.

"I do not think there are other games out there that equally divided the players and critics into two camps so extremely and equally, finishing with scores at the lowest and highest ends of the scales.

"But that is probably how it should go when you go new ways and not only will provide a me-too product," he added.

Stratton went on to question people's preconceptions of what a third-person shooter should be - a pigeon-hole he feels Kane & Lynch was, "in the worst cases", thrust into.

A Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days demo is available on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 now.

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