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Interplay snaps up Freespace IP for just $7500

Begins its descent.

Interplay has snapped up the IP rights to nineties space combat simulation series FreeSpace.

Its price? $7500 (about £4800), according to a court documentation dug up by Polygon.

FreeSpace previously belonged to its original developer Volition, which was then bought by the now-defunct THQ - the assets of which have been recently up for auction.

The series' first title Descent: FreeSpace - The Great War launched in 1998. Its sequel, FreeSpace 2, arrived the following year. The game was loved by fans but flopped commercially, and Volition turned to Red Faction and Saints Row instead.

"This is the best space sim ever released given the due care and attention it so rightly deserved," Phill Cameron wrote in Eurogamer's 2010 Freespace 2 retrospective which looked at the open source project keeping the game alive. "[It's] an experience that looks as good as it plays."

The old Interplay was the developer of the original Fallout and its sequel. The new Interplay, this Interplay, is entirely different.

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