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inFamous: Festival of Blood fastest-selling PSN game ever

Sucker Punch stakes out sales record.

Vampiric inFamous 2 side-story Festival of Blood is the fastest-selling digital PS3 launch ever, Sony has revealed.

It was also the most downloaded PlayStation Network game in November, according to the US PlayStation blog.

The Halloween-themed adventure is a standalone episode from inFamous developer Sucker Punch, available to play without the main game.

It places players in a vampire-infested version of New Marais, where hero Cole has been bitten and must find a cure before dawn.

Festival of Blood is "an old-fashioned Halloween Special when you really get down to it," Chris Donlan wrote in Eurogamer's 6/10 Infamous Festival of Blood review. "It's cheesy, it's creepy, and it's pleasantly inconsequential."

November's top ten PSN titles:

  1. inFamous Festival of Blood
  2. Saints Row 2
  3. Payday: The Heist
  4. NBA Jam: On Fire Edition
  5. Limbo
  6. Jurassic Park: The Game - Full Season
  7. Real Steel
  8. Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe
  9. Resident Evil 4
  10. Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection

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