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Imminent thriller Virginia gets first proper trailer

Woolf it down.

Unless you've played the Virginia demo you haven't had much to go on - until now. Now there's a cinematic trailer providing a first proper look at the game in motion, and at stuff not in the demo, too. Looks nice doesn't it?

Virginia is the first-person thriller we're rather excited about. And it's not far off, due 22nd September on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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It's Firewatch meets Twin Peaks, with dashes of Thirty Flights of Loving here and dollops of Gone Home there. It's a detective thriller in 90's mid-Atlantic America, in which you, as FBI agent Anne Traver, must track down missing person Lucas Fairfax.

"Virginia is absolutely sublime," wrote Martin in a Virginia preview just last month. "[Developer] Variable State could be onto something special here, a smart narrative adventure that in its own way redefines what the term cinematic means for video games."

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