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The Eurogamer Podcast #14: Does anyone have a script for Aaron Paul?

Virginia, Final Fantasy 15 and only a tiny, tiny bit of XCOM 2.

Spare a thought for Aaron Paul. That guy is busy. He is up against it! He needs a holiday! He needs a long bath, as they say, to soak his hams. How do we know he's busy? Because, weirdly enough, Microsoft chose to make his busy-ness a core component of the marketing for Titanfall back in the day. Aaron Paul: Busy! But not too busy to play Titanfall.

We discuss all this on the podcast this week because we've discovered what Aaron Paul's been so busy with. And once again it has to do with games! What could it be...?

"YO." as Aaron Paul might say. Not "YO!", mind. Aaron Paul says "YO." He's all business. Anyway, if you were wondering if we could go a week without talking about XCOM 2, I have some wonderful news! We could not go a week without talking about XCOM 2. This time, however, the roles are reversed in an exciting fashion. As we kick off podcast 14, I have been playing Firaxis' tactical masterpiece on console, and Chris Bratt has to listen to me talking about why I love it. We are a beautiful democracy. As proof, he got to mention an excellent strategy panel he hosted at EGX.

What else? We talk a bit about Virginia, and a bit about Keats, inevitably, and then Chris starts in on Final Fantasy 15, which actually sounds kind of wonderful. Yes you battle big monsters, but you also slide around in a fancy motor, which you can do up with decals until it looks like a What the Lebron 11. (I heard about it on an economics podcast.)

Finally, we have time for a question from a listener! Just the one, because I had to go and have lunch with noted video game writer Simon Parkin. (He was lovely, as ever.)

Rather listen on iTunes, would you? Here you go.

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