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I Expect You To Die 3: A Cog In The Machine is shaping up to be another quality instalment for the series

For your spies only.

The name's Higton... Ian Higton. And welcome to my Corner... my VR Corner.

Ahem, sorry. I got caught up in the moment there because I've just spent the last couple of hours playing through the preview demo for I Expect You To Die 3: A Cog In The Machine on the Quest 2. Whilst a couple of levels were playable, I've tried to keep the spoilers to a minimum by featuring only the introductory chapter and the first mission in this week's episode of VR Corner, which you can watch just below these words.

Don't go sharing this video, it's For Your Eyes Only.Watch on YouTube

The I Expect You To Die series is already one of the most popular escape room-style experiences in VR and this third instalment brings you yet more quality conundrums to Live Or Let Die to.

While each game in the series can be played on its own, the narrative in I Expect You To Die 3 continues on from the ending of the I Expect You To Die 2. This time however, you're up against a new villain, Dr. Prism and her dastardly robotic army who seem to have a View To A Kill when you start sniffing around their base.

If you've played the previous games in the series you're going to know exactly what is on offer in IEYTD3 - high quality, humourous escape room antics that feature fiendish traps and ingenious solutions. While nothing here reinvents the wheel, each mission is full of wonderful little details that'll keep you entertained in VR, especially when you feel like the real World Is Not Enough.

So far there's no set release date for I Expect You To Die 3: Cog in the Machine. All we know is that it launches this summer for Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro, and Meta Quest 3 with a SteamVR release set for sometime in the autumn.

But what about Sony's headsets, you might be wondering. Well, I've in-Spectre-d IEYTD3's most recent press release and I couldn't find anything about PSVR or PSVR2 on there. Thankfully, the fact that the previous two games did come out on PS4 should offer Playstation owners a Quantum of Solace that it will likely come out on that platform at some point in the future.


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