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Huxley 360 on hold pending PC sales

PC game still on track for 2009 release.

Now that Darkfall Online is actually out (albeit still somewhat elusive), the mantle of world's most delayed MMO must pass to the Korean massively multiplayer FPS, Huxley.

According to IGN, Huxley is still on course for a Korean and US release this year, but the Xbox 360 version that was intended to follow it by about 6 months is "up in the air".

Publisher NHN says it only picked up the North American rights to the PC version, although it's "possible" that a console version will follow if it sells well.

It's a familiar tale when it comes to planned console MMOs; it was recently revealed that Champions Online would launch on PC only, and we're still waiting for the 360 version of Age of Conan that is apparently still in development.

As for a European release, your guess is as good as ours - but the fact that Eurogamer had no idea that the game was being demoed at GDC doesn't exactly bode well.

IGN's preview also reveals that the game has acquired a subtitle - it's now called Huxley: the Dystopia. Apparently it's "looking sharp, and the gameplay is classic FPS twitch. This game moves lightning-fast," IGN said.

There are three modes of play - Quests (games against AI for squads of players), Virtual Combat (quick-fire player-versus-player battles for money and experience, but with no impact on the world) and Battleground (PVP battles that count towards factional warfare, which gives the right to assault the opponent's capital city).

For more, visit the Huxley gamepage.