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Humble Bundle RPG offer lets you catch up with Baldur's Gate series to date

Not to be mythed.

The Baldur's Gate and Beyond Humble Bundle.
Image credit: Humble

Need to scratch an RPG itch while waiting for Baldur's Gate 3? There's a fresh Humble Bundle offer featuring the Baldur's Gate franchise and other similar role-players which may be worth your time.

The RPG Legends: Baldur's Gate and Beyond Humble Bundle launched yesterday and contains the Enhanced Editions of both Baldur's Gate 1 and 2, alongside various other bits and pieces.

Neverwinter Nights: Complete Adventures and Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous are also included.

Still a Baldur's Gate beginner? No problem.Watch on YouTube

The bundle lets you pay what you want, though encourages you to chip in at least £9.29 to get most of what's on offer.

Humble initially advertised the fact that a $30 payment would also unlock a Steam pre-order of Beamdog's Mythforce, the Saturday morning cartoon swords-and-sorcery roguelike set to release soon, although this isn't live at present. We're checking with Humble for details on that, and will update when we hear back.

There's one final reason to give this a look - donations support young adult mental health charity Active Minds.

Baldur's Gate 3, meanwhile, arrives for PC next week on 3rd August, before PlayStation 5 on 6th September. If you're keen to read more about it, our Bertie has been chatting to developer Larian about the series' new era - and games from its past you may not have heard about.

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