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HMV denies Brink LA Noire trade-in offer

Blames confusion on "miscommunication".

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Image credit: Eurogamer

HMV has denied it's offering Rockstar crime-em-up LA Noire for a fiver with a Brink trade-in.

MCV this afternoon reported the deal, and published a picture of an advertisement for it.

At the time of writing the offer was advertised on HMV's website.

But HMV told Eurogamer this afternoon that "no such deal is available".

"I believe there may have been a miscommunication on this somewhere along the line which has given rise to this report," a spokesperson said, "but I can confirm that this is not the case, and we have no such deal available."

Brink, which went on sale last Friday, was the UK's best-selling game last week. Rockstar's LA Noire goes on sale this Friday.

Have you seen this offer from HMV? Let us know in the comments section below.

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