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Hitman's third Elusive Target premieres on Wednesday

Available for 72 hours, set in Sapienza.

Hitman's third Elusive Target - the kind that only appear for a limited time and you can only attempt once - premieres on Wednesday, 8th June at 2pm UK time.

This time out you're given 72 hours to murder a prince in Sapienza.

As with all Elusive Targets, these folks don't show up on the mini-map or through your "Instinct" mode (i.e. Hitman vision). You'll need to seek them out based on your intel and stealthily stalk your prey.

Successfully complete enough Elusive Targets contracts and you'll receive new goodies like exclusive suits from previous Hitman titles. The first reward will become available after completing five such contracts.

To see an Elusive Target mission in action, here's our Ian Higton taking on the first of these challenges Io Interactive put out:

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