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Hitman's next Elusive Target lets you kill Gary Busey

Summer Bonus Episode adds two new missions today.

Hitman's next Elusive Target lets you assassinate a man played by Point Break star Gary Busey.

This followed an online campaign wherein players could vote on who should play the target with the choices being Gary Cole or Gary Busey.

This Sapienza-set timed mission, The Wildcard, will go live on 21st July at 1pm UK time and will be available for exactly one week.

As with all Elusive Contracts, these specialty missions can only be attempted once, ever. You can't save your game mid-way through and targets won't show up in Instinct Mode, so you'll have to be very observant as you snoop around for your mark.

Elsewhere, Hitman just received its Summer Bonus Episode today, adding two extra non-canon missions to the game.

The Icon is set in Sapienza and tasks players with slaying a movie star filming a sci-fi blockbuster. This means there's a 100ft mechanical killer robot in the middle of the town plaza just begging to be rigged.

Meanwhile, the new Marrakesh mission A House Built on Sand tasks Agent 47 with stopping a billion dollar deal from taking place.

The Summer Bonus Episode is available for players who purchased the Full Experience or own the combination of Intro plus Upgrade Pack. For anyone else, this extra content will go on sale later this season with a third bonus missions bundled in with it. That mysterious third mission has yet to be announced, but those with the Full Experience or Upgrade Pack will receive it for free once it's available.

Hitman's final three locations - Thailand, the US, and the finale in Japan - will be available later this year.

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