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Hitman to release on disc in 2017, plus details of April's new missions

Marrakech and Sapienza inbound.

Hitman's Intro Pack hits Xbox One, PS4 and PC tomorrow, 11th March, offering the Paris map and two smaller prologue locations for $15 or £11.99. Already weary of the glitter and clamour of the French capital? Don't worry, the next episode, due in April, sees Agent 47 visiting the quiet Italian coastal town of Sapienza.

Sapienza is a quieter setting but pretty populous, with crowds of tourists milling through its narrow cobbled streets, and shops lining the road from a square higher up the hillside to a large pizza near the beach. Among other structures, you'll get to explore a church, a mansion house and some creepy catacombs. The target is Silvio Caruso, a bioweapons scientist, who operates a secret lab somewhere in the town. Besides killing Caruso, you'll need to get access to the lab in order to destroy a lethal new virus.

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The second main location in Hitman's May update is Marrakesh, a city in Morocco. It's much noisier than Sapienza - a Swedish banker convicted of fraud has barricaded himself inside a consulate, prompting angry demonstrations, and to top things off, a general is using this as cover for a coup d'etat.

You'll get to explore a market and the streets around it, a school that has been appropriated by the army and the consulate itself. You'll also get to mingle with rioters, perhaps in order to gain entry to the consulate. It's one of the larger Hitman environments we've laid eyes on, and also one of the most chaotic.

You can find a full run-down of the slightly confusing release model for Hitman here. The April pack and episodes are to be set in Thailand, the United States and Japan, with precise release details to follow.

Square Enix also plans to release the Full Experience on disc in January 2017.

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