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Hitman gets a companion app to help you keep on top of those Elusive Targets

And the next Elusive Target has a date.

Piano wire? Check. Luxury leather gloves? They're packed and ready to go. Companion app? The modern hitman has got to consider all sorts of accessories as they track their mark now.

Square Enix has just launched a companion app to complement this year's Hitman, and it's actually a pretty handy tool, pushing notifications if you allow it that'll alert you when the game's Elusive Targets are in town.

Elusive Targets, if you're not currently playing - and you really should be, as the new Hitman is brilliant - are marks that appear for a limited time period, and you've afforded one chance to kill them.

The sixth Elusive Target is due to arrive on July 15th, and it looks to be one of the most devious yet - Dylan Narvaez, who'll be in Sapienza for some 72 hours, will be in two with his twin brother, and it's up to you to make the right call and down the right man.

IO Interactive's new Hitman launched in March, utilising an episodic model to release its various episodes - all of which are self-contained, highly-detailed playpens. We've had three episodes so far, with a fourth that's set in Thailand with a currently unspecified release date.

The app is available now on iOS and Android, so have at it.

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