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Herzog Zwei spiritual successor AirMech Arena lands on Xbox 360 today

A F2P affair with solo, co-op and competitive modes.

AirMech Arena brings its Herzog Zwei-like action take on real-time strategy to Xbox 360 today where it's arrived as a free-to-play title.

Developed by ex-Fat Princess devs at Seattle-based indie outfit Carbon Games, AirMech Arena puts players in control of a transforming mech that operates as both an aircraft and a ground-stomping robot. You'll get to choose between nine customisable mechs as you build an army (with over 60 unit types) to help you conquer and defend bases.

The game supports solo play, up to four-player co-op, and three-vs-three competitive multiplayer. Naturally, players will need an Xbox Live Gold account for the multiplayer stuff, but single-player is still available with a basic Silver account.

"AirMech Arena combines real-time strategy with fast-paced action in an exciting new way," said game director James Green. "Strategy fans will appreciate that AirMech Arena was designed for consoles from the very start, and how natural the controls feel in their hands."

AirMech launched on PC in November 2012 where it's still available on Steam Early Access.

See how AirMech Arena looks in action in its Xbox Live launch trailer below.

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