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Here's what you get if you pay full price for the new Hitman

Beta for PC and PS4 only.

The new Hitman launches on 11th March 2016 with three locations: Paris, Sapienza and Marrakesh, developer IO has revealed.

Also included at launch are six campaign missions.

Contracts mode features around 800 targets at launch.

After March, IO plans to release one new sandbox location per month in April, May and June. Each location comes with new missions, signature kills and more Contracts targets, as well as new disguises and weapons.

Here's the plan: April adds Thailand, May adds the United States of America, and June adds Japan.

Live content starts in March. This includes time-limited targets, weekly IO-developed Contracts, and "promoted content" built by the community.

IO plans to release the new Hitman in a different way. $59.99 (around £50) gets you everything at launch, all the content IO plans to release afterwards, access to all live events, and a spot in the beta, which is on PC and PlayStation 4 only (the new Hitman is due out on Xbox One, too).

There's also an Intro Pack, which grants access to the March content only for a lower cost. This will also be out on 11th March and costs $34.99. The Intro Pack includes all of the launch content, plus all Live Events and Contracts for the locations released in March 2016.

If you want the rest of Hitman you can upgrade your purchase to include all the remaining content. This costs an additional $29.99. So, essentially, if you buy everything from the beginning you save $5.

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