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Here's how Respawn might be changing Apex Legends' Lifeline

Lifeline gets a lifeline.

Listen up, Lifeline fans - Respawn is tweaking the abilities of Apex Legends' OG support character.

In a recent AMA on reddit, the Respawn team fielded a number of queries and questions from Apex players, including one from CSKaay who wanted to know "how is Lifeline's kit being handled?" in the upcoming round of tweaks and improvements.

In a list of several thoughtful questions, the commenter suggested that "regardless of whether her ult[imate ability] gets changed or buffed, [Lifeline's] passive needs a 10-20 second delay between revives". And it looks like Respawn agrees.

Associate live balance designer, John Larson, responded (thanks, TheGamer) to say that the team was looking not just to nerf or delay her protection whilst reviving downed teammates; instead, it's considering removing Lifeline's resuscitation shield entirely.

At first blush, that looks like one doozy of an over-correction, and one unlikely to go down well with Lifeline fans. But it's not all bad news!

Larson also said that the nerf would be balanced by increasing her tactical healing speed by "60 per cent" and buffing her care package drops "to give guaranteed upgrades"... and that sounds particularly intriguing given late game, Lifeline's care packages are essentially useless.

Respawn has hinted that "a ton" of Titanfall-flavoured content is coming to spin-off battle royale, Apex Legends. During a recent panel, Apex's senior writer, Ashley Reed, hinted that the studio was working "to integrate Titanfall" into future updates, as "Titanfall's very much a part of the universe".

Apex's game director, Chad Grenier, went a little further, too, confirming that Apex would host some "really cool stuff" we might recognise from Respawn's critically-acclaimed shooter series.

ICYMI, Respawn recently banned two Apex Predators on Xbox who were caught DDoS-ing a server to win a game.

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