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Here's an extended look at Apex Legends Season 7 gameplay

Bring me the Horizon.

Only a few days remain until players can drop into Apex Legends Season 7 for the first time, in a season that promises a glitzy new map, clubs, a new legend and the game's very first vehicles. But if you're struggling to wait until 4th November, then hopefully this gameplay footage will keep you going.

Following the release of an official gameplay trailer along with previews and interviews on Friday, those who attended the preview session are now allowed to share their footage: so you can take a look at mine in the compilation video below. In a pool full of professional Apex streamers and QA staff, I did my best, but thankfully Season 7 also has a map preview mode which allows you to roam around without fear of being shot. Which was very much needed.

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Obviously, one of the most exciting new additions is new map Olympus, which was originally a Titanfall 3 concept before the artwork was used to inspire the map for Apex Legends. In Apex lore, Olympus once hosted the best minds in the Outlands until a major explosion forced everyone to abandon the city (it's also the home town of Lifeline and Octane, and the place where Revenant murdered Loba's parents). The map boasts ramps and roads for players to test the new Trident vehicles, and is packed with glamorous shopping centres and modern homes. There's also a Hadron Collider-style portal which pops you out into a massive dome of energy, which probably gives you a clue as to why the city was evacuated.

Elsewhere, you can take a look at how new legend Horizon's abilities work - such as her tactical ability gravity lift (which makes an extremely good sniper tower) and her black hole ultimate. There's also plenty of footage of us messing around with the new vehicles, which can be turned into mobile turrets or gas traps with the use of legend abilities.

Respawn has big plans in store for not only this season, but also for the future of Apex, which could evolve "beyond battle royale". You can read about all that (and the current status of Titanfall 3) in my recent interview with director Chad Grenier.

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