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Harrison pledges Epic support

UE3 optimised for PS3.

Worldwide Studios boss Phil Harrison has admitted that Sony didn't initially offer Epic enough support with optimising the Unreal Engine 3 for PS3 - but said the situation has now changed for the better, is reporting.

Speaking to Game Informer Harrison said, "If we're honest, we didn't do enough of a good job supporting them and getting them the tools and technology early enough."

"Also, Epic isn't a huge company. They don't have unlimited resources. We have parachuted in some of our SWAT team of super engineers to help them. Specifically, to optimise for SPUs (Synergistic Processing Units), which are the point of difference that the Cell Processor has."

According to Harrison, the process of optimising the SPUs is already underway - and it will have very positive results for those both creating and playing PS3 games.

"The benefits that it yields to end developers, whether they're writing exclusive titles or multiplatform titles, is that the performance on PS3 goes up exponentially - and it will make for a much better game experience," he stated.

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