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Harmonix's music mixing game Fuser gets November release date

Coming to Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC.

Rock Band and Dance Central developer Harmonix's intriguing music mixing game Fuser will be coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC on 10th November.

Fuser, which styles itself as a "non-stop digital music festival", delivers an evolution of the mixing mechanics introduced in Harmonix's 2017 card game DropMix, giving players access to over 100 songs - from artists including Sia, Imagine Dragons, 50 Cent, The Clash, Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, and Billie Eilish - that can be mixed and matched from different set lists in order to complete their musical creations.

Songs are broken down into drum, bass, lead instrument, and vocal parts, and these elements can be placed into four available slots, with players able to create their own loops, and tweak the likes of key and tempo along the way. It's even possible to share creations online.

Cover image for YouTube videoFuser Gameplay - 13-Minutes of Mixing in Harmonix's Music Game

The end result is part performance game, part creative tool, featuring three different modes of play; there's a campaign - which challenges players to keep up with crowd requests and mission goals as they build their mix - alongside a freestyle mode, and multiplayer. In the latter case, players are able to compete or collaborate with up to four players.

If you're curious to know more about Fuser, Eurogamer's Emma Kent went hands on with the game, and chatted to Harmonix about its latest musical endeavour, earlier this year.

Fuser will be available in two forms when it comes to Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC on 10th November; there's a Standard Edition which costs around £60, plus a VIP Edition priced at around £100. This includes 25 additional tracks pulled from the DLC catalogue releasing alongside the game on launch day.