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Halo Wars 2 gets its first new leader, new campaign missions coming


Halo Wars 2 has just introduced its "first of many" new multiplayer leaders, with DLC that's available now on both Xbox One and PC. It'll cost you £4.79, if you don't have the season pass.

Lt. Colonel Morgan Kinsano isn't a character you'll likely be familiar with, but as far as I can tell, her defining characteristic seems to be that she's really into burning things. Her unique units include people armed with flamethrowers, Warthogs with flamethrowers and a giant mech that also has flamethrowers on it.

Kinsano: Fire is great and I really like it!

Her unique leader abilities follow this theme as well, allowing players to call upon napalm missiles or an actual inferno. Okay we get it, 343. She's the fire one.

Oh, that's her nickname too, by the way: Inferno. Morgan "Inferno" Kinsano. That's what people call her. She also heads up a strike team called the Firestorm Battle Group. Seriously, I'm not making this up.

Known for her "ruthlessness and inspirational presence" on the battlefield (I'm genuinely surprised they didn't use the word 'fiery' here), she was an insurrectionist leader in the Outer Colonies prior to the first Covenant invasion.

She would later join the UNSC in order to protect her homeworld from this new threat, which Halo Waypoint describes as being a "bitter pill for the political firebrand".

From this point onwards, Waypoint says players can expect new Halo Wars 2 content every month, including other new leaders (I'm hoping for a water type!) as well as a couple more campaign missions.

I reviewed Halo Wars 2 last month if you fancy giving that a read. Although it offered further proof that RTS games can be played with a controller, the campaign itself was underwhelming and I wasn't too crazy about the use of card packs in its new Blitz multiplayer mode.

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