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Halo 2 achievements detailed

See what the PC wants from you.

The Microsoft development team converting Halo 2 to Windows Vista has spoken out about some of the achievements you'll be able to unlock as part of the game's integration with "Games for Windows - LIVE".

There will be over 40 unlockable achievements, the Hired Gun team wrote on their development blog, with players rewarded for completing each playable level of the single-player campaign at Normal, Heroic or Legendary difficulties.

Completing all the maps on the Legendary setting will also net you a "Legend" achievement, and, as a corollary, killing a Legend over the Internet is also worth an achievement. Another slightly mad offering is "Demon", for which you'll need to complete an entire campaign level without dying.

Hired Gun says it had three goals with its range of achievements: to "keep the game fun, encourage beginners to join our Halo 2 community, and provide a new challenge with a few tough or interesting achievements for our most dedicated fans".

As such, it won't all be "finish this" and "obliterate that". Although "obliterate" is a good word. "Remember the first time you applied sticky grenade to Elite ass, and the ensuing cries of doomed anguish? Yeah, that's a moment to cherish, and it's not bad being able to point to a specific record of it," the blog notes.

"Or how about the first time you finally wielded the sword and started dominating for like 10 seconds? We want to encourage our expanded audience of PC players to enjoy these first moments in Halo 2 for Windows Vista with a few easy achievements in the game.

"For pro-style Halo enthusiasts, you'll see the familiar achievement indicator going off like you won a prize or something. Fear not, though: perfection will be a tall order."

For more on what to expect (including a few of the icons you'll see - hold us), check out the rest of the Hired Gun blog. Halo 2, along with "Games for Windows - LIVE", is out on Windows Vista from 18th May.