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GTAIV DLC features male nudity

Hottest coffee yet.

Word sweeping the internets is that Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned features full-frontal male nudity in one of its mission cut-scenes.

Christian Donlan mentioned it in one of the captions for his 8/10 Lost and Damned Eurogamer review last night, but for the sake of completion we returned to the source for a fuller explanation.

Naturally, the following is a minor spoiler.

"It's the first time you meet Stubbs, the congressman at his gentleman's club," Christian told us. "He's in the steam room wearing a towel, and the scene basically uses the dynamic of will-they-or-won't-they-show-it? They do.

"My initial reaction, for what it's worth, was, 'Well, there's one caption sorted.' More disturbing than male full-frontal nudity, of course, is the creepy way GTAIV's character's shoulders work - they sort off hinge upwards and outwards like the door of a DeLorean, and they make me feel right weird."

Nobody appears to have captured the exact moment in the cut-scene yet, but Kotaku has a shot of similar circumstances involving Johnny Klebitz and Stubbs, if you're that way inclined.

"As for why it's in there," Christian added, "I suspect it's to get a second PR hit after the game's been released, in which case: mission accomplished." Quite.