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GTA: San Andreas is coming to iOS tonight

Welcome to San Andreas, fool.

Grand Theft Auto's PS2/Xbox era swan song, San Andreas, is making its way to iOS tonight.

Priced at $9.99 (about £7), this mobile port of Rockstar's sprawling open-world variant of Los Angeles sports enhanced graphics with improved lighting and character models. Furthermore, it offers three different control schemes, with virtual analogue sticks, support for made-for-iOS controller attachments, and context sensitive button prompts that only appear when you need them.

You'll also be able to use your own customised soundtrack by creating a playlist entitled "GTASA", then launching the game and selecting the radio station "Mixtape".

Android, Windows Phone and Kindle versions of San Andreas are still on the way.

Last time Rockstar ported a GTA game to mobile with Vice City, it was met with mixed results. "This ongoing quest to force the GTA series into touch-screen play, replicating multiple joypad controls via transparent buttons, feels like a wasted effort when we could be seeing what Rockstar's boundless imagination and ambition could do with a game specifically designed for this sort of platform," wrote our Dan Whitehead when he mildly recommended the port in spite of its foibles in his App of the Day writeup.

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