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"Gruesome" Autopsy Simulator is out later this year and includes a stand-alone psychological horror story mode

"This is not for the faint-hearted."

Team17 is publishing Woodland Games' Autopsy Simulator, a first-person medical horror experience which will release at an unspecified time in November 2022.

Autopsy Simulator sees us take on the role of a practice pathologist to help guide their examination and dissection of anatomically accurate bodies and determine each subject’s cause of death. The press release states we'll get to study "realistic case files" that have been "created in collaboration with real-world forensic doctors".

We'll also get to us a series of medically authentic tools and procedures, too.

Autopsy Simulator will also include Autopsy Simulator: Dead Memories, a self-contained story mode "narrative-driven psychological horror". Set in 1990s New Orleans, the story follows Jack, a middle-aged pathologist whose "life has taken a turn for the worse after a personal tragedy". Expect post-mortems and battles with Jack's "inner demons".

Features include "gruesome" anatomical detail and medically certified autopsy procedures, realistic true crime scenarios wherein we can study a range of case files designed by real-life pathomorphologists and forensic doctors, and free play Autopsy Only mode which teaches us the ins and outs of practice pathology.

"Not for the faint-hearted", Autopsy Simulator is coming to PC in November 2022. There's currently no word on a console release.

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