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GrimGrimoire in September

Roleplay RTS from Nippon Ichi.

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Koei has announced it will be bringing PS2 roleplay strategy game GrimGrimoire to Europe on 28th September.

Developed by Nippon Ichi and Vanillaware, It puts you in the shoes of Lillet Ban - who relives her first five days at prestigious magic school the Tower of Silver Star after everyone is mysteriously killed. A bit like Groundhog Day, then, but where Bill Murray is Harry Potter.

Lillet takes the form of a cursor on the main screen, which is used to guide troops around in a real-time strategy way. Called familiars, these are summoned from Runes placed on the screen, which can be upgraded through finding and reading Grimoires - known as big books of rules for doing things, to you and us.

GrimGrimoire has already been released across the US and Japan, where it received strong reviews thanks to its cut-scenes, battle system and 2D gameplay. But not everyone was bowled over by it, and some have criticised it for being too watered-down compared to Nippon Ichi's other creations - like the excellent Disgaea series.

Not long until you get to make your own mind up, though, and you can see how it's shaping up over in our GrimGrimoire gallery.

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