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Gravity Crash Ultra announced for PlayStation Vita

Seven new levels, expanded ship selection and improved visuals.

Retro shooter Gravity Crash is being updated for release on Vita.

Developer Just Add Water has "remixed and amped up" the PlayStation 3 version of Gravity Crash, which released four years ago, for Vita and renamed it Gravity Crash Ultra.

The game uses the Vita's twin-stick controls, its OLED display with the full 960x544 native resolution, and, like the PS3 version, outputs at 60 frames per second. There are 42 levels, seven of which are new, and, exclusive to the Vita version, an expanded ship selection, which JAW said will give beginners a fighting chance.

Also, expect tweaked weapons and a new version of the soundtrack from CoLDSTORAGE. It also features "considerably improved rendering and visual effects", JAW said.

"It's been interesting returning to this title, we've been able to make changes and improvements where appropriate," said Just Add Water boss Stewart Gilray.

"But most of all, it's been a blast bringing it to the Vita."

There's cross-compatibility between the Vita and PS3 versions, so you can share user-generated levels across platforms. On Vita, you can use the touchscreen to create new levels.

Gravity Crash Ultra is due out in 2014. Screenshots are below.