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Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams set for XBLA next week

PSN version to follow shortly.

Last year's PC platformer Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams is officially slated to come out next week on XBLA for 1200 MS Points. A PSN version is set to follow "a few days later," but no official date has been set.

The reason for this discrepancy between platforms is due to publisher bitComposer owning the publishing rights for the PC and XBLA versions, while developer Black Forest Games is responsible for publishing it on PSN. A Wii U eShop version is still expected to come, but that's still to be dated.

The Giana Sisters license is infamous after the first game in the series, The Great Giana Sisters (1987), was pulled from store shelves after Nintendo threatened legal action over its incredible similarities to Super Mario Bros. A remake of the original game was later released on DS as Giana Sisters DS.

This latest entry in the series has little to do with that Mario clone adventure as it was developed by a new studio who picked up the license. Twisted Dreams became something of a cult success as it was funded by Kickstarter and went on to become the second game greenlit on Steam with the advent of Steam Greenlight.

It stars the two titular sisters as the player toggles between them, which also alters the environment as each sibling is trapped in a different dimension. Check out the plane-swapping action in the trailer below.

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