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GHWT standalone drum kits coming

US in a fortnight, Europe "at a later date".

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Guitar Hero developer Neversoft has announced that the World Tour drum kit is to get a standalone release.

The set will be available in the US on February 15th for USD 100. That makes it slightly more expensive than a vanilla Rock Band 2 kit - though slightly cheaper if you add the extra cymbals to the rival device to bring it up to the same spec, Joystiq notes.

The standalone drums, which are exactly the same as those sold in the Guitar Hero World Tour bundle, will be coming to Europe and Australia "at a later date". They will work with both Rock Band and Rock Band 2 as well as the Activision game.

The World Tour drums are regarded as the better of the two official kits, although if only the best will do for your fake plastic videogame drums, look no further than the 300-dollar, Rock Band 2-branded Ion Drum Rocker.

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