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George Lucas has never played WOW

He's a fan of Star Wars Galaxies though.

LucasArts producer Tom Nichols has confirmed that George Lucas is "very excited" about Star Wars: The Old Republic. However, it doesn't sound like the famous director is a huge fan of the MMO genre - he hasn't even played World of Warcraft.

Speaking to Eurogamer at the unveiling of The Old Republic, Nichols said he met with Lucas just last week to show him how the game is coming along. "We showed him the art style of the game, we talked about how story is communicated and showed him some examples of that," he explained.

"He's very excited about it. He knows how important this project is for LucasArts and that it represents our re-entrance into the MMO space."

According to Nichols, Lucas has always been "a big fan" of existing MMO Star Wars Galaxies, and his son loves to play it too. So he's taking a serious interest in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

"He's very much involved with the project, obviously at a high level, but he's very enthusiastic about it," he said.

But is he so enthusiastic he reckons it'll be better than WOW? "He hasn't played World of Warcraft," revealed Nichols.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is currently confirmed for PC only and a release date has yet to be announced. You can read more in our full preview.