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Geoff Keighley says woman was due to appear on Summer Game Fest stage

"That was something that's a fair flag."

The bubbly blue and pinky logo for Summer Game Fest 2023.
Image credit: Summer Game Fest 2023

Summer Game Fest host Geoff Keighley has commented on the lack of women on stage during this year's show - and said one woman had been due to appear.

Discussing the show with CBC, Keighley acknowledged the all-male line-up on stage had been "a fair flag" for criticism, even if this had not originally been the intent.

This is Us actress Melanie Liburd, who stars in Alan Wake 2 as its new co-protagonist, had been due to appear at one point, Keighley said.

However, the actress ultimately could not attend due to a schedule conflict.

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"We also want to be authentic to the games that are being presented on the show and the developers that are making them," Keighley continued. So yeah, I think we're conscious of it."

Last week, Summer Game Fest was announced as returning again in 2024. If you missed the show, here's everything unveiled during the two-hour livestream.

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