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Gears of War movie being "scaled back"?

Wiseman no longer directing, says report.

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The Gears of War movie adaptation may not turn out to be the big blockbuster that was planned, according to the LA Times.

The newspaper quotes "sources" as saying that the story and budget for the movie have been "scaled back". In addition, Len Wiseman - who previously directed Live Free or Die Hard and Underworld - is no longer set to oversee the project.

"The studio has now cut the budget, going from a film that would have cost more than $100 million to one that will cost a good chunk less than that," reports the Times.

"It's also reined in the story, turning it into a more simple, straight-ahead invasion story instead of a sprawling epic. Producers are looking for a new writer to handle all this, but haven't found one yet. And Wiseman, while technically still attached, will likely not be a part of it when all is said and done."

There had also been talk of Kate Beckinsale, who is married to Wiseman, appearing in the movie - but now that deal appears to be off the table too.

Neither Epic Games or film studio New Line have commented on the report.

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