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Gearbox unveils Borderlands 3's upcoming Halloween event Bloody Harvest

And Borderlands 2 VR gets Steam release date.

Borderlands 3 has barely been out a week, but already developer Gearbox is rolling out the presumably gun-laden tea trolley marked "future content plans". And at least some of the supplementary morsels scattered atop its silverware will take the form of special free limited-time events, with the first of these, Bloody Harvest, coming next month.

Bloody Harvest, which was unveiled during the first episode of Gearbox's new Borderlands Show livestream series, will be a Halloween-themed offering, and brings new enemies, new loot, and a brand-new location. Players will need to have gained access to Sanctuary III in the main game to participate in Bloody Harvest - and, once the event is underway, will initially be tasked with amassing a substance known as Hecktoplasm in order to reach the new map.

Behold the mighty Rakk-O'-Lanterns!

While out in space, Vault Hunters will encounter new Haunted enemies, which will rise up as ghosts on death and pursue those that bought a sorry end to their corporeal existence. Coming into contact with one of these vengeful spirits will inflict the new Terror de-buff, partially shrouding a player's vision with mist, and weakening gun handling, accuracy, and spread.

Things aren't any less perilous once you've found your way to Bloody Harvest's new area either; here, players will encounter flying, fire-breathing pumpkins known as Rakk-O'-Lanterns, as well as Captain Haunt - a variation of the main game's Captain Traunt - who presides over the new location. Murderous hijinks will inevitably ensue.

Bloody Harvest's boss character, Captain Haunt.

The good news is that there are numerous rewards for defeating these spooky threats, including new Vault Hunter skins, an ECHO Device skin, a global weapon skin, a new shield, a grenade mod, and two new weapons - one of which is the disturbingly gelatinous Fearmonger, seen below. You'll find a few more details in Gearbox's latest blog post.

Those event-specific Vault Hunter skins in all their neon glory.
Cover image for YouTube videoBorderlands 3 - Bloody Harvest: Fearmonger

No exact start date for Borderlands 3's Bloody Harvest event has been shared at present, but it likely won't be long before more is revealed.

In other Borderlands-related news, Gearbox has announced that Borderlands 2 VR - which includes the previously revealed Bad Ass Mega Fun DLC pack - will be heading to Steam, following its PS4 release earlier this year, on 22nd October.