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GC: PS3 "benefiting from Gears"

Rein says it helped UE3 hugely.

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They might spend a lot of time wailing about it on Internet forums, but Epic Games VP Mark Rein reckons that PlayStation 3 owners are better off because of Xbox 360 mega-exclusive Gears of War.

"PlayStation 3 is very much benefiting from Gears of War. That sounds silly, but it's very much benefiting from Gears of War," he told Eurogamer in an interview published today.

"We're a little ahead on PlayStation 3 compared to where we were at this time on Xbox 360, and what I mean by that is our code and our level of completeness, and that's because we have shipped a game with Unreal Engine 3 already."

He also reckons that UT3, which ships on PlayStation 3 and PC this November and 360 next year, shows the best of UE3's capabilities to date (although he reckons BioShock is a bit good, too).

"When you see UT, this pushes the engine a lot harder than Gears of War did. I know it sounds preposterous because of how great Gears of War is, but we're pushing this up another notch. I'm very proud of that, and I think it's good for us and it's good for our licensees," he told us.

For more from Rein, including his take on the Silicon Knights lawsuit, status updates on Gears PC and UT3, and the latest on the Gears of War film, check out the full Mark Rein GC 2007 interview.

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