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GC: Euro Hellgate pricing

Roughly two pints a month.

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Flagship Studios has announced that a subscription to Hellgate: London's prestigious multiplayer mode will cost GBP 6.99 (EUR 9.99) a month.

Forking out will let you found and run guilds, have access to player housing, use in-game emails, and fiddle around with your character using the Internet.

More importantly, it will let you enjoy on-going content patches that will add new character classes, areas, monsters, items and raid content. Even new game modes will be added, such as Roleplay, Hardcore and Player versus Player.

Those of you who don't want to pay the monthly subscription for the full MMO-style package will still be able to play with your friends online. You can join guilds too, as well as trade items and enjoy other community features like integrated voice chat and buddy lists.

Hellgate: London is a first/third-person action role-playing game set in an apocalyptic future where demons romp around unchecked. It features all the sorts of bits and pieces you might expect, like levels, experience, items, events, quests, bundles of customisation, skill trees, and nasty enemies with big teeth that can eat you.

Developer Flagship is made up of staff responsible for the excellent Diablo games, who left high profile jobs at Blizzard to pursue differing interests. The result is this, which has been snaffled up by EA (via Namco) for a 2nd November European launch.

Head over to our Hellgate: London gamepage for all our considerable coverage to date.

Alternatively you can plunge into the depths of the Hellgate: London website for more information.

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