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GC: Dark Sector dated

End of January to you.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

D3Publisher of Europe has used its formal sounding name to stamp a 22nd January release date on Dark Sector.

It's the PS3 and 360 third-person shooter marketing itself as a game you think you know but don't, which is actually a fairly accurate description.

You see, despite looking like lots of other Unreal Engine 3-powered games, it actually has more in common with titles like Zelda - as you use your experimental powers to solve puzzles and conjure up strategies for clearing rooms full of bad guys.

We went to see it back in March and were pleasantly surprised, promising ourselves to keep an eye out for the playable version at the Games Convention 2007 show happening now in Leipzig, Germany.

Meanwhile you should cast an eye over our Dark Sector preview and all of the screenshots and trailers in our Dark Sector gamepage.

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