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Gangs are breaking into fast-moving lorries to steal PS5s

Fast and furious.

Gangs are hitting lorries on the run to steal PlayStation 5s, a new report has revealed.

Over the weekend The Times (paywall) reported that deliveries of PlayStations, TVs, cosmetics, mobile phones and cigarettes have all been raided in recent months using a stunt known as "the rollover".

This involves gangs using multiple cars to box in a lorry going at speeds of up to 50mph. One gang member climbs out secured by rope through a sunroof or modified hatch, then uses cutting tools or a crowbar to break into the lorry, climb aboard and throw out the goods.

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The Times said "the rollover" has been used at least 27 times this year to September, and that figure had risen in recent weeks as gangs attempt to cash-in on pre-Christmas deliveries of expensive goods. Apparently police have issued alerts to hauliers over the tactic.

The paper spoke to a career criminal who said gangs were focusing on goods in transit because of heightened security elsewhere in the supply chain. According to the report, several raids targeted luxury goods sold by department stores and belonging to tech companies.

The Times quotes a former security manager at the Road Haulage Association who said gangs were getting inside information. "Somebody must know when and where that vehicle is and it can't be just random that you are going to attack that," they said. "Somebody has done some tipping off."

The rollover stunt has been used by gangs to hijack lorries for years. In 2012, Romanian police released an astonishing video showing an attempt to rob a truck while speeding along a motorway in the dark.

The record-breaking launch of the PS5 has been marred by widespread scalping, allegations of stolen consoles, and auction sites flooded with misleading listings.

Eurogamer has contacted Sony for comment.

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