Viva Piņata News

Microsoft readying an Xbox One Rare collection

UPDATE: Confirmed. Rare Replay to celebrate studio's 30th birthday.

New Microsoft London studio to focus on Windows 8 tablet devices

Headed up by former Rare production director Lee Schuneman.

Rare staff facing possible lay-offs

Studio wants to speed up dev cycles.

Viva Piñata 2 details sprinkle out

Co-operate in more ways than one.

Viva Piņata PC dated

Prepare your hearts.

Rare questions Piñata marketing

Says MS favoured Gears of War.

Games for Windows Live update

New features for upcoming games.

No DLC for Viva Piñata

Rare busy doing other stuff.

E3: New Piñata game revealed

But it isn't from Rare.

Moore defends Rare's Xbox work

PDZ, Kameo, Viva Piņata all good.

Pirates and Piñatas on Live

Shiver me garden demos.

Expect more Viva Piņata

Says top exec. On DS, perhaps.

Viva Piņata is for girls - Gates

Behind the shed. 5pm. No blades.

Viva Piņata hats and stuff

Including a Santa one.

Viva Piņata is region-free

(And filled with fun.)

Viva Piņata first downloads

Some hats. 90 points.

Viva Piņata Euro date

Microsoft confirms.

Viva Piņata finished, dated

Rare's latest off to the shops.

Viva Piņata video on Live

Sort of interactive, too.