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Viva Piñata hats and stuff

Including a Santa one.

And so we return to one man's excitable quest to get you all to buy Viva Piñata, because it's great and I need someone to send me a crowla because I broke my last one.

This week's instalment is thinly veiled by highlighting the release of some new Xbox Live Marketplace content - in the shape of sweet and sour piñata picture packs (five of each - if you're confused, think good and evil), and the far more exciting prospect of some new accessories.

As with previous accessory packs, you're asked for 90 Microsoft points (GBP tuppence halfpenny) in exchange for which you get mermaid's earrings, romance earrings and a Santa hat to buy from the Paper Pets store in the village. The picture packs, meanwhile, cost 80 points. Don't forget you can see roughly what you're getting by looking carefully at the accompanying graphic.

And while we're here it seems almost churlish not to reiterate our love for Viva Piñata, or indeed not to mention our recent studio visit feature complete with video interviews and all sorts.

Remember: Viva Piñata for Christmas number one! Colonel Quackington demands it.

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Viva Piñata

Xbox 360, PC

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