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Pirates and Piñatas on Live

Shiver me garden demos.

Demos for Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End and Viva Piñata can now be digi-pinched from Xbox Live.

Those of you eager to relive the adventures of Jack Sparrow, or simply get in Elizabeth Swann's togs, can enjoy a tutorial level from Disney Interactive's upcoming romp. It's based around the events of the second and third films, and is actually supposed to be pretty good - which makes a change from the last two games.

The full banana is due out on 22nd May. And note that this demo isn't available in Asia, Canada, Mexico or the US.

Or, for you green-fingered people that looked the other way when Rare returned to form with last year's Viva Piñata, there's a bite-sized taster to see what you missed.

It really isn't just a child's game, despite the amount of times we've wound Tom up with those words, and it even turned out to be one of our favourite games of 2006. Go and absorb our review if you don't believe me.

This demo's available almost everywhere in the world, and it seems even those without Gold memberships can download it, despite Major Nelson saying otherwise. So get stuck in.

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