Too Human News

Silicon Knights' appeal against $9.2m Epic judgement fails

But is the company still around to pay damages?

Silicon Knights is "very busy" and "definitely alive"

Though declined to say how many people are left or where it's now located.

Too Human and associated content pulled from Xbox marketplace

UPDATE: Microsoft confirms Silicon Knights issued recall.

Silicon Knights' cancelled games laid bare

Too Human 2, 3, Eternal Darkness 2, more.

Epic claims victory in Silicon Knights court case

UPDATE: Too Human studio to pay out $4.45 million in damages.

Silicon Knights vs Epic lawsuit only worth $1

Long-running argument finally makes it to court.

Silicon Knights: "used games are cannibalising the industry"

Devs won't be able to afford $300m next-gen budgets.

Silicon Knights confirms job lay-offs

Blames cancelled Activision project.

Dyack: Apps "eroding" handheld quality

"There are 17,000 fart apps right now."

Dyack plans to finish Too Human trilogy

Sequel for Silicon Knights' troubled epic?

Silicon Knights bags more gov investment

Denis Dyack raking it in for new game.

Dyack: 2009 cuts have been "staggering"

Silicon Knights are one of the last "V8s".

Name of Silicon Knights game leaked

Siren in the Maelstrom, apparently.

Silicon Knights cuts 26 jobs temporarily

Hopes to reinstate them on new games.

Peter Molyneux picks apart Too Human

"It tried to be something it was not."

Japanese charts: Afrika riding high

Safari so good for PS3 animal-photo game.

UK charts: Tiger Woods roars to top

Too Human features. Full top 40 inside.

Epic "defrauded" industry, alleges Dyack

Silicon Knights still cross about UE3.

Too Human 15 to 80 hours long - Dyack

Second and third games underway.

Too Human demo proves popular

Game still on track for August launch.

Get all classes in Too Human demo

Use a simple workaround.

Too Human demo on Live now

Play the entire first level.

Too Human demo coming next week

As part of Microsoft's E3 bonanza.

Dyack defends Too Human on forum

May not have thought this through.

SEGA dismisses The Crucible rumours

Intellisponse leak wide of mark.

Gears 2 leads Microsoft E3 charge

Plus Halo Wars finally on show.

Dyack: "two players the right thing to do"

Too Human boss explains co-op cut.

Too Human demo coming to Xbox Live

Some time before August, says Dyack.

Too Human co-op cut from four to two

But still central to the action-RPG.

Too Human finally given a date

SK epic out this August.

Dyack hits out at so-called trilogies

Nothing but marketing ploys, he reckons.

Marvel Universe MMO canned

Plus: Banjo 3 for Xmas?

Dyack questions dev subsidies

Canadian situation tricky.

Rein clarifies UE3 lawsuit ruling

After dismissal motion denied.

Too Human demo soon - Dyack

Game definitely 2008.

Epic counter-sues Silicon Knights

Handbags. Shiny handbags.

Silicon Knights sues Epic

Alleges lack of UE3 support.

Too Human absence explained

Why it wasn't at E3.

Dyack talks up Too Human

Lots of work being done.

Too Human back on radar

Denis Dyack blabbers.

PS3 and 360 'look even' - Dyack

Silicon Knights boss weighs in.

Too Human no-show explained

Wasn't quite ready for X06.

Too Human rumour scotched

SK denies ditching Unreal tech.

New Too Human details

X05: More on futuristic actioner.

Too Human: first details

"God of War for Xbox 360"?