Pokemon White


Pokémon Bank app launches this month

Consolidate and transfer up to 3K Pokémon across six games.

Nintendo's Pokédex iOS app costs Ł17.45 to complete

Will Pokémon encyclopaedia's pricing lead to Tepig sales?

Fans transform Pokémon Red into an MMO

PokeMMO project does what Nintendon't.

Pokemon Black & White 2 sells heaps and tons and millions in Japan

The region's most successful 2012 game by far.

Pokémon Black and White 2 has new map, characters

Pokémon world set to plunge into ice age.

Video | Pokéfans fight in 2012 Pokémon Championships video

UK heat winners now blasting off to Hawaii.

Pokémon Black and White 2 announced

UPDATE: Autumn UK release confirmed.

Pokémon Company blasts iPhone game scammers

Will "continue to combat" fakes for massive damage.

Unlock exclusive Pokémon for Video Game Championships

Lucario only available to Eurogamer Pokéreaders.

Pokémon Grey announcement imminent?

Website registered, event scheduled.

Feature | The Pokemon Masters

A gathering of monsters at the National Championships.

Video | UK Pokemon Championships footage

Spot yourself at Birmingham's NEC tourney.

Free Pokédex app for Nintendo 3DS e-Shop

Pokémon headed to 3DS in full 3D.

New Pokémon game reveal delayed

Mystery announcement coming in June.

2011 Pokémon Championships detailed

Rome! Madrid! Paris! Birmingham!

One Direction become Pokemon face

Adverts to invade televisions on Monday.

Pokémon Black/White nets 1m Euro sales

UK tally tops 150k in just two days.

Pokémon Black/White sell 1m in a day

Franchise records are smashed.

UK top 40: Pokemon White/Black on top

Fight Night Champion denied belt.

Why we have to wait for Pokemon games

"We take care with the Pokemon names."

Feature | The brains behind Pokemon Black and White

GameFreak reveals all in a rare interview.

Video | Battling Pokémon Black & White trailer

Triple monster tussling gameplay shown.

Pokémon Black/White gets Euro date

RPG collectathon due here before US.

The best-sellers of Japan 2010 are...

Numbers aren't poky, man.

Video | Pokémon Black and White dated for U.S.

Quick European release not Farfetch'd?

Super Mario Galaxy 2 sells loads

Pokemon: Black/White not far behind.

Pokémon Black & White

You know, for kids.

Pokémon smashes sales record

Japan goes bonkers for Black/White.

Video | Pokemon Black & White gameplay

Extended gameplay footage from Japan.

Pokemon transfer system revealed

Two DS consoles required.

New Pokemon dated for Japan

Importers eye September date.

Pokemon Black and White announced

"Every aspect reborn innovatively."