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Pokémon Black/White nets 1m Euro sales

UK tally tops 150k in just two days.

Nintendo's DS RPG double act Pokémon Black/White shifted over a million copies in Europe in their first 10 days on sale.

A spokesperson for Nintendo told Eurogamer that the game, which launched on 4th March, had sold 150,000 copies in two days in the UK, making it the country's biggest ever Pokémon launch.

The announcement comes soon after news that the games topped the million mark in the US after just one day on sale, with Japan sales soaring past the five million mark six months after its September launch there.

Eurogamer's Keza MacDonald slapped a 9/10 on the latest entry in the long running saga, insisting "its connectivity is exceptional, it's mind-blowingly huge, and for the first time, it's beautifully presented."