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Fans transform Pokémon Red into an MMO

PokeMMO project does what Nintendon't.

Pokéfans have stepped up to turn Pokémon Red into a fully-fledged MMO.

PokeMMO is a PC mod for Game Boy Advance remake Pokémon Fire Red, which adds in the ability for hundreds of users to play through the entire game together.

Enough to whet your Pallet?

Development on the mod is still in its alpha stages, but already you can interact with a server bustling with players, add friends, join parties, battle in tournaments and chat. The whole game is there too, although certain features are still being added.

Other improvements include a redesigned and mouse-optimised menu and inventory system.

The mod works for - but is separate to - a PC ROM of the game, which dances around the legal implications. After months of development, Nintendo's lawyers have yet to swoop.

Sixteen years on from the original launch of Pokémon Red, Nintendo remains hesitant to provide a full online multiplayer option for series.

The publisher has also stubbornly resisted fan desire for a full game in the series on anything other than its handheld consoles.

PokeMMO is worth highlighting for its concept then, if nothing else. In this fan-made project, we're finally able to enjoy a glimpse at how the series - like its monsters - may be able to evolve.

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