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PlayStation Home is getting an update

PlayStation Home is getting an update

UPDATE: New Trophies revealed.

UPDATE: The full list of Trophies for PlayStation Home has now been revealed.

Awards include Trophies for purchasing clothing, taking photos and visiting friends. There's a shiny gold Trophy for you if you log in to PlayStation Home on 50 different days.

Welcome Home - Log in to PlayStation Home (B)

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PlayStation Home updates to cease in Japan, UK unaffected

PlayStation Home updates to cease in Japan, UK unaffected

New content still headed to Europe and North America.

There's no end in sight for PlayStation Home in the UK, despite an announcement today that Sony will discontinue updates for the service in Japan.

The PlayStation 3 virtual gaming hub will receive its final drop of Japanese content in September 2013. Other Asian regions will see support for new content withdrawn in March 2014.

However, Sony made no mention of retiring PlayStation Home altogether.

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Sony improves PlayStation 3 web browser with system update v4.10

Sony improves PlayStation 3 web browser with system update v4.10

Your PSN account is now your SEN account.

Sony has improved the display speed of the PlayStation 3 web browser with a new system update.

Firmware v4.10, which is now available to download, optimises the display of web content and increases the accuracy when viewing page layouts. The PS3 now supports some websites it struggled with before, displaying them correctly.

4.10 also implements the already announced account name change into the Terms of Service. Your PlayStation Network account will now be known as your Sony Entertainment Network account.

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PS3 software maintenance next Tuesday

Home offline, Killzone 3 affected.

A number of PlayStation 3 games will be unavailable to play online next Tuesday due to a fresh round of scheduled maintenance, Sony has announced.

Tomorrow's PlayStation Home relaunch detailed, pictured

PlayStation Home relaunches tomorrow, 3rd November.

The European PlayStation blog says maintenance will begin at 7am BST. Presumably it means GMT. There's no word on how long PlayStation Home will go down for.

In PlayStation Home, the new one, Home Square has been revamped and districts related to game genres added. The whole focus of the beast is now more squarely on games - a social gaming network.

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Major PlayStation Home update tomorrow

Major PlayStation Home update tomorrow

Update 1.55 detailed in full.

A new start-up system and updates to the Wardrobe and Furniture browser headline a hefty PlayStation Home update going live tomorrow.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, update 1.55 introduces the following new features to PlayStation 3's social networking hub:


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Sony cancels games across UK studios

Sony cancels games across UK studios

Sony London, Liverpool and Evolution hit.

Sony has cancelled a number of games in development at its UK first-party developers and made an undisclosed number of people redundant.

Projects at Sony London, Sony Liverpool and Evolution Studios have been axed.

"It has been decided that production on a small number of projects within London Studio, Studio Liverpool, and Evolution Studios will be streamlined or closed due to a portfolio review and project prioritisation," Sony said in a statement issued this afternoon.

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Sony: Virtual item sales keep Home free

Sony: Virtual item sales keep Home free

Microtransactions its "bread and butter".

Why is PlayStation 3's virtual world Home free? Because you lot keep buying virtual items.

Home, which enjoys 17 million registered users and contains 236 games, has suffered criticism from the press and gamers since its 2008 launch, but Sony has maintained its profitability through the sale of 7000 high-margin virtual items.

That, according to PlayStation Home director Jack Buser, is big business for Sony.

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Home gets Plus exclusive Members Club

Home gets Plus exclusive Members Club

Multiplayer space combat game added.

Those of you who like spending time in the PlayStation 3's virtual world Home will have another reason to do so this week when Sony launches a new party venue.

The catch? It's only open to PlayStation Plus subscribers. Perhaps that's why it's called the PlayStation Plus Members Club.

Set to open its doors today, the club will greet players with "discrete" doorman who will check your credentials. Inside there's a "stylish" bar area decked out in black and gold décor.

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Buy boxed games from inside PS Home

GAME opens virtual shop with real home delivery.

UPDATE: Sony's just got in touch to say the stores have not been opened yet and will not be available until after the regular Thursday weekly update maintenance that will commence at 8am GMT tomorrow.

PS Home gets LittleBigPlanet paintball

As beefy patch 1.4 arrives.

Today, PlayStation Home is transformed - big patch 1.4 has arrived. We knew that was coming, but we had no idea multiplayer LittleBigPlanet paintball was on its way.

Sony: "Home has been a huge success"

Virtual items going like pretend hotcakes.

PlayStation Home has been "a huge success" for Sony despite scepticism among press and consumers, the service's director Jack Buser has said.

PlayStation Home update 1.35 live

PlayStation Home update 1.35 live

New Navigator interface arrives.

PlayStation Home has been updated to version 1.35.

The download is a brief 49MB, although the Home live servers are currently down.

The most noticeable change, a new Navigator interface, adopts an XMB layout to organise and speed up the Home space.

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Lucas store sells Star Wars stuff in Home

Lucas store sells Star Wars stuff in Home

Costumes, T-shirts, lightsabers.

LucasArts is to open a store in PlayStation Home's mall, selling costumes and trinkets relating to the worlds of Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

Kotaku has pics: there are Storm Trooper outfits, Indiana Jones outfits, an Imperial officer's uniform, lightsabers and T-shirts. Apparently you'll also be able to buy accessories for your personal space.

We're not entirely sure if the LucasArts store is coming to the European version Home, since it's mentioned in the US PlayStation Blog post on future Home updates but not in the European blog's equivalent.

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PS Home announces 10 million users

PS Home announces 10 million users

Ain't no place like it.

Sony's PlayStation Home trumpet is blowing as the company announces that 10 million users inhabit the virtual world.

This revelation coincides with the release of two new Home spaces, one for Uncharted 2 and one for Ratchet & Clank 2. Sony no doubt hopes developers other than first-party flock appreciate the value of displaying their game in PlayStation Home.

Despite still being in open beta, PlayStation Home is starting to gain traction, as Red Bull, Resistance 2, Buzz!, MotorStorm and SingStar areas attract attention. Plus, many of those key features promised when Home was announced are beginning to seep into the final build, such as game launching and media streaming.

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PS Home gets Red Bull Flugtag

Launch wacky fliers into the sky.

Red Bull is adding a couple of new spaces to PlayStation Home today in the shape of a Flugtag mini-game and a boardwalk art gallery.

PS Home gets game launching today

PS Home gets game launching today

US launch of version 1.3 confirmed.

PlayStation Home is updated to version 1.3 today, with the headline change being the addition of universal game launching to the PS3's virtual social space.

That's according to the US PlayStation blog. As yet there has been no similar announcement from Sony regarding Europe, but at time of writing, European Home servers are down for an extended maintenance, so we remain hopeful that the update is being applied here too.

Universal game launching means you can jump straight to the start menu of any PS3 game without logging out of Home, simply by slipping the disc in. Titles that already fully support game launching with additional multiplayer functionality - such as Street Fighter IV or Resistance 2 - are identified by icons over avatars' heads.

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Sony reveals PS Home for PSP

Room is out this year in Japan.

Sony has unveiled a new online community service for PSP called Room, which will be free and available to all Japanese PSP and PSPgo owners before the end of the year.

Killzone 2 throne room for Home

Plus post-apocalyptic apartment.

Sony has said to expect "the biggest ever virtual items content release in PlayStation Home" today, headlined by the Killzone 2 Visari Throne Room and the new Post-Apocalyptic Apartment.

PS Home game-launching this autumn

PS Home game-launching this autumn

Finally. Update brings other toys, too.

Sony has announced that PS3 game-launching within PlayStation Home will be a reality this autumn. This was a feature trumpeted loudly when Sony announced Home in March 2007.

Game-launching arrives as part of update 1.3, and will apparently work across all PS3 titles. Pop the disc in the console and follow the on-screen prompts to begin, says the US PlayStation blog - it's as simple as that. And some games will have "varying degrees of additional multiplayer functionality built in".

The update also brings in-store item previewing - both clothing and furniture - and lets you rent consumable items such as the shrink potion.

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SingStar and Audi action for PS Home

Now downloaded over 7.5 million times.

Andrew House, president of SCEE Europe, has been announcing new doodads for PlayStation Home left, right and centre during his keynote speech at gamescom.

Batman PS3 unlocks Batcave in Home

Well, it does in America anyway.

The US PlayStation blog reports that the PS3 version of Batman: Arkham Asylum will unlock a Batcave personal space - i.e. apartment for your avatar - in PlayStation Home.

Home is beta until it hits

Home is beta until it hits "final quality"

Sony has "philosophical targets" to hit first.

PlayStation Home's current legal guardian, Peter Edward, has said the online social service thing will be in beta until it hits "a kind of final quality".

Asked how long the beta label would remain in an interview with Eurogamer, Edward said, "Until we're ready to not call it a beta any more. We don't really get that fixated about it. Anyone who wants to access Home can, there are no barriers to entry, so in that respect it's not like there's anything holding users back.

"We're still developing it, we're still working on it, we're still improving it. We'll remove the beta name when we're happy that it represents something that is not final, because it'll always be evolving, but at least represents a kind of final quality. We don't have a specific target for when that will be."

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Fight Night 4 Home space launching today

Fight Night 4 Home space launching today

Along with the new Buzz! HQ area.

Two new spaces are set to launch in PlayStation Home today.

According to the PlayStation Blog that'll include Buzz! HQ, where you can take part in 64-player quiz games. Points, prizes and special events are promised.

Meanwhile, EA is opening a new Fight Night space in the form of a boxing-themed nightclub. Expect an interactive DJ game, rewards and "plenty of places to chill" (here on the deck?) "with your nearest and dearest Home-boys and Home-girls". Marvellous.

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Sony polling for PlayStation Home ideas

Fancy some stand-up comedy?

Sony is testing the water on various ideas for PlayStation Home, in a survey that asks, among other things, whether you would like to see stand-up comedy as a type of streaming media for the theatre area.

PS Home update adds photo-uploads

PS Home update adds photo-uploads

First content-sharing feature so far.

Sony begins to realise the grand vision of PlayStation Home today as photo-sharing is added to the virtual world.

The US PlayStation blog describes this as "the most exciting news since open beta", as photos become the first user-created content within Home.

Photos can be uploaded from PS3 hard-drives and displayed in apartments to friends and visitors. Frames can be bought from the Mall area, plus there are stock photos on offer if you have none.

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PS Home downloaded 6.5m times

Sony not in it for a "quick buck".

Sony has revealed that PlayStation Home has been downloaded 6.5m times and that profit, for the moment, is not the "driving priority".

Euro Home "is behind other regions"

But SCEE's working hard to sort it out.

PlayStation Home community manager "TedTheDog" has admitted that Europe trails other regions in the number of themed areas PS3 Avatars can explore.

GDC: Three spaces a month for Home

"Our competition struggles with community".

In a talk at the Game Developers Conference today, Jack Buser, director of PlayStation Home in the US, revealed that the social network will be launching three promotional spaces a month from here on in.

Home gets Resident Evil 5 space

Still waiting for Warhawk and Uncharted.

In a shocking display of timeliness, Capcom's Resident Evil 5 game space has been added to PlayStation Home today.

Sony details Home update plans

Sony details Home update plans

Lots of stuff coming "in a few weeks".

PlayStation Home's community manager "Ted the Dog" has listed the short-term update plans for the PS3 virtual world. It seems there's a lot of content imminent, but he can't be specific about most of it.

According to Mr. the Dog, "spaces" for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and SOCOM: Confrontation are "nearly ready" and "due within a few weeks", as are the purchasable Street Fighter IV outfits.

Content relating to Siren: Blood Curse, Resident Evil 5 and Warhawk (which we were expecting to see last week) is "being prepared". "We will bring you more information on these as it becomes available," says our canine friend.

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Warhawk area for Home this week

Command Centre offers battle planning.

At yesterday's Destination PlayStation event, Sony confirmed that the long-promised Warhawk Command Centre will be released for PlayStation Home this week, according to Joystiq.

Number of PSN users hits 20 million

Plus: 4 million going Home, says Sony.

Sony has announced that over 20 million people have registered a PlayStation Network account, and that 4 million of those use PlayStation Home.

Sony boasts of big support for Home

24 companies licensed to create content.

A Sony Japan presentation has revealed a list of 24 publishers and developers that have been given licences to create content for PlayStation Home.

Street Fighter and Resi 5 are Home-bound

Costumes, game launching, Africa.

Capcom Japan has announced plans to support PlayStation Home with Street Fighter IV and Resident Evil 5 content, including costumes and a themed game space.

EA Sports to learn from World of Goo

Peter Moore quite addicted to indie title.

EA Sports captain Peter Moore reckons World of Goo creator 2D Boy can teach his team a thing or two about creating approachable yet unique games on a budget.

Sony explains 17 million figure for PSN

Includes website and PSP sign-ups.

Sony has revealed that website and PSP sign-ups to PlayStation Network were counted to bring the overall user-count to 17 million - the same number Microsoft announced for Xbox Live.

Home downloaded by 3.4 million

And they're buying things, too.

Sony Computer Entertainment chief Kaz Hirai said that 3.4 million PS3 users had downloaded PlayStation Home in his Consumer Electronics Show address yesterday.

Sony admits Home reveal was too early

At least as far as the devs were concerned.

In an interview with Develop, the team behind PlayStation Home has admitted that they think the virtual world was announced too early.

EA Sports zone coming to Home

Multiplayer games, leaderboards and more.

Good news for PlayStation Home from the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas - EA has announced its support for the virtual world, starting with a an EA Sports zone this spring.

Home to get Red Bull zone this week

Plus Killzone and Resi clothes for Americans.

According to a post on the PlayStation blog, PlayStation Home is to be updated this week with a new space: Red Bull Island.

PS Home C-931 patch on Thursday

PS Home C-931 patch on Thursday

The "first step" towards sorting it.

Sony will patch PlayStation Home this Thursday, according to Home Community Manager "TedTheDog", whose real name we did know once but now can't remember.

"We'll be patching Home this Thursday and part of this change will be the first step in tackling the connection issues that you'll know as C-931 errors," he wrote on the official forum (thanks vg247).

According to a post elsewhere, C-931 "is related to very high levels of traffic", and in theory if you keep hammering away the game will let you in at some point anyway.

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Home open beta to begin tomorrow

Home open beta to begin tomorrow

All PS3 owners invited.

Sony will open PlayStation Home to the world tomorrow as the open beta finally gets into gear.

The game client will be free. Once downloaded, a Home icon will pop up in the PlayStation Network column of the XMB. While the service will be free there will be some paid-for content, such as extra clothes and accessories.

Europeans will be able to explore a Far Cry 2-themed environment, and Sony hopes to make areas for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Warhawk, Motorstorm and SOCOM available soon.

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EA founder questions PS Home goals

Worried Sony wants to take on WOW.

EA founder Trip Hawkins has questioned the goals of PlayStation Home - suggesting that going after a Second Life- or World of Warcraft-sized audience would be a bit silly and probably result in custard pie on face.

Harrison: Home is "brilliantly realised"

Online world will be "very successful".

Atari president and former Sony studio boss Phil Harrison has heaped praise on PlayStation Home, telling Eurogamer that his former company has "brilliantly realised their ambitions".

Sony to send Home beta invites soon

Sony to send Home beta invites soon

Only loyal PS3 fans on the list.

Sony has already picked "loyal" European community members to join the PlayStation Home beta, and will send them invites when version 1.0 of the virtual world goes live.

"Your next question is, 'How do you decide who gets picked?' and we had a couple of plans on how that was going to be done and my boss is away so I cant ask him which one he chose (yes, we've picked the names already and no, I'm not going to reveal the list)," said TedTheDog, Home community manager, on the European PlayStation forum.

"I'll let you know what I can, once I find out, but both were broadly based on the concept of loyalty. That's very vague I know, I'll firm up what I can, but don't expect too much detail, it was really complicated last time."

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Sony dodges PS Home explanations

Fresh sightings start rumour mill.

Sony has updated the PlayStation Network sign-up process with a graphic advertising PlayStation Home, but a Sony spokesperson had no comment to make on that, or the online world's release date, when we rang up to ask.

Home 1.00 launching end October?

Home 1.00 launching end October?

Along with firmware 2.50?

Sony's much-delayed PS3 Home project could finally be set to launch at the end of next month, according to a report on PS3 Fanboy.

A forum post on the Home beta message board by Home Manager 'TedTheDog' said that current PS3 freezes and Network issues currently being experienced by Home beta users would be fixed with the release of PS3 fimware revision 2.50.

"2.5 is what we're waiting for and 'October' is what I've heard, later October is my guess," he said.

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European Home beta invites 

European Home beta invites "shortly"

Assuming you're an active PSN user.

Sony has announced that European gamers who have been "most active" will be invited to join the PlayStation Home beta shortly.

Yesterday the platform holder announced that US gamers could signal their desire to get involved by downloading a free PlayStation Home theme from the Store, which would act as their beta sign-up.

It then added: "In Europe, SCEE is also beginning their expanded closed beta, directly targeting consumers who have been most active on PlayStation Network and PlayStation Store. SCEE will be in email contact with their PSN audience very shortly."

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Euro Home beta simultaneous with US

Euro Home beta simultaneous with US

This autumn, says David Reeves.

PlayStation Home will launch into open beta at the same time in Europe as it does in the USA.

That's according to SCEE boss David Reeves, who told hacks at the company's Santa Monica gathering this week that it will arrive "with the same specs, same support and at the same time in autumn 2008".

According to Reeves, "The precise date will be announced by SCEI very shortly."

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Getaway PS3 was only in pre-production

As was Eight Days, says Sony man.

Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has revealed more about why The Getaway PS3 and Eight Days were cancelled - stating that both titles were only in the pre-production phase.

Moore "disappointed" by Home delay

"Let's go already," urges former Xbox man.

Old habits die hard in gaming it seems, as former Xbox boss Peter Moore couldn't resist taking a swipe at one old sparring partner this week, expressing dismay at the ongoing delay of Sony's Home service for PlayStation 3.

PlayStation Home pushed back again

Beta expanded to make it better.

Sony has stretched its closed beta for PlayStation Home so it will continue throughout the summer, nudging the open testing back to autumn and final release sometime after that.

Warhawk enters PlayStation Home

Patch 1.3 to add other new stuff, too.

Warhawk game director Dylan Jobe has announced some PlayStation Home functionality for Incog's online war-game, and promises much more to come. Handy for those of you on the beta.

Sony outlines Home changes

Based on beta feedback.

Sony's forthcoming PlayStation Home platform has undergone key changes in the last few months as a result of feedback from users currently engaged in its beta test, reports. [Isn't that how betas are supposed to work? - Ed]

Home won't sell PS3 - NCsoft

It's the other way around.

NCsoft's director of product development believes Home's fortunes are dependent on PlayStation 3's installed base, and not the other way around.

Home delay "disappointing" - MS

Sony underestimated challenge.

Microsoft bigwig Neil Thompson has told that he thinks the PlayStation Home delay is down to Sony underestimating the challenges of the platform.

TGS: PlayStation Home delayed

Next spring, says Hirai.

PlayStation Home, PS3's online social networking "thing", will not release this year as planned, Sony Computer Entertainment president Kaz Hirai has confirmed in his Tokyo Game Show keynote this morning.

Home abusers will be banned

Sony discusses security.

Home boss Peter Edward has told an audience at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival that users consistently abusing the upcoming Home service face having their machines banned and disabled from being used online, is reporting.

Xbox Live different league to PSN

Shane Kim doubts Home.

Microsoft Game Studios' Shane Kim has attacked the ambitious PlayStation Home service, stating that he doubts Sony can create a top-notch virtual world, is reporting.

PS3 Home beta begins

PS3 Home beta begins

Internal testing for now.

Sony has confirmed to Eurogamer this morning that internal testing for PS3 Home has begun.

An official date for the open beta is yet to be announced, but we expect it to get under way in summer. Keep an eye on the official Home website to get involved.

PlayStation Home is a customisable network community for PS3. It lets you create an avatar that can walk around a digital space and interact with other players. You'll also be given a personal "Home" to furnish with achievements earned from games, as well as the ability to display photos and play media uploaded from your hard drive.

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PS3 Home began on PS2

Until Sony realised what it had.

With everyone talking about PlayStation 3 Home this week, it's interesting to learn that the Second-Life-style online universe began life on Sony's previous console.

PS3 Home to launch in October

PS3 Home to launch in October

Loads more details in dev Q&A.

Sony plans to launch its ambitious PlayStation 3 Home environment - announced at GDC last week - this October, and expects the initial free download to weigh in at "under 500MB", with subsequent patches "hopefully" integrated via a streaming solution "that makes them negligible".

A closed beta phase for around 15,000 users will take place between April and August, with an open beta for 50,000 or so operating between August and October.

That's all according to a "third party relations" question-and-answer PDF uncovered on Sony's developer website, which sheds further light on the service unveiled during Phil Harrison's GDC keynote.

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GDC: Sony announces PS3 Home

GDC: Sony announces PS3 Home

Virtual Changing Rooms.

Sony has announced official details of PS3 Home, a customisable, networked community for PlayStation 3.

Phil Harrison unveiled the service in his GDC 2007 keynote, as a free download from the PlayStation Store.

It will let you create and customise a character from a wide range of body types, skin tones, ages, clothes and accessories. It's similar to Nintendo's Mii avatars, but apparently with much more choice and depth.

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PS3 "Home" rumoured

Harrison's GDC surprise guessed?

Sony has refused to comment this morning on speculation that Phil Harrison will unveil PS3 "Home" in his GDC keynote speech.