Gears of War 3 Videos

VideoGears of War 3: Raam's Shadow trailer

Eurogamer review online now.

VideoGears of War 3 Horde Command DLC trailer

New maps, upgrades and characters out now.

VideoEpic talks Gears Of War 3 kill stats

Charting your favourite weaponry.

VideoFinal Gears 3 sculpture teaser

End of trilogy set in stone.

VideoGears of War 3 video talkthrough

A spoiler-free chunk of the first act.

Digital FoundryGears of War 3 - Lighting and Effects Video

Phenomenal lighting and VFX work demonstrated.

Digital FoundryGears of War 3 - 2D vs 3D Performance Video

Gears 3's TriOviz implementation tested.

Digital FoundryGears of War 3 Performance Analysis Video

Gameplay clips put through DF frame-rate tools.

VideoLatest Gears of War 3 teaser

Gears story told explosively.

VideoGears of War 3 finale trailer

Epic's trilogy concludes.

VideoGears Of War 3 opening cinematic

The bloody story so far.

VideoGears of War 3 campaign trailer

Back in the swing of things.

VideoGears of War 3 mission footage

Gears gang have a heart-to-heart.

VideoXbox 360 customisable case mod video

Gears of War Xbox model spotted.

VideoLatest Gears of War 3 footage

E3 trailer shows meaty boss fight.

VideoGears of War 3 campaign teaser video

Full reveal after Champions League final.

VideoGears of War 3 Epic Edition revealed

A workshop reveal documentary.

Digital FoundryGears of War 3 Beta: Trenches Performance

The most visually ambitious level in the Gears 3 beta.

Digital FoundryGears of War 3 vs Gears of War 2 Video Effects

You'll be amazed how much better the new game looks.

Digital FoundryGears of War 3 Beta: Old Town Performance

A more complex map explored in two multiplayer modes.

Digital FoundryGears of War 3 Beta: Thrashball Performance

A medium-sized, open environment put to the test.

Digital FoundryGears of War 3 Beta: Checkout Performance

A small, enclosed environment easily sustains frame-rate.

VideoGears 3 Beta's King of the Hill gameplay

Eurogamer plays domination mode.

VideoMore Gears of War 3 Beta footage

Extended footage from the Trenches.

VideoExclusive Gears 3 Beta gameplay

Eurogamer takes on Team Deathmatch.

VideoLatest Gears of War footage

Cliffy B counts down to the game's beta.

VideoGears of War 3 multiplayer footage

Raw and bloody beta gameplay.

VideoClimactic Gears of War 3 trailer

Now with Fall 2011 date.

VideoGears of War 3's Cliff Bleszinski

On story, pacing, DLC, Kinect, iPad and the press.

VideoGears of War 3 gameplay from E3

Marcus and friends as played by Cliffy B.