Forza Motorsport 4 News

Forza's September car pack brings in the pretty

33 Stradale, DB4 GT Zagato and Sprite Mk 1 keep Forza 4 ticking over.

Forza 4 May Top Gear Car Pack release date, details

Wayne and Garth's car! A Smart car! A Ford Transit!

Forza 4 Alpine Allstars DLC pack detailed

Yet more new cars for Xbox 360 racer.

Major Forza 4 update goes live

Multiplayer lobbies fixed, level caps increased, cars rebalanced.

Forza dev hiring for "Next Generation of games"

Forza 5 a next Xbox launch title?

Forza 4 Pirelli Car Pack introduces title update

Level cap lifted, CanAm legend introduced in March pack.

Forza looking to hit 'annual cadence'

Series looking to rival F1 and NASCAR in popularity.

Paid-for Forza 4 expansion introduces Porsche

German marque returns in paid-for pack.

New Forza Motorsport 4 DLC announced

10 new cars hit the road next week.

Forza 4 February American Le Mans Series Pack detailed

Exhaustive details on the 10 new cars.

The most pirated PC, Wii, 360 games of 2011

Can you guess what it is yet?

Next Forza 4 DLC pack dated, detailed

10 new cars take to the track.

Japan chart: Ace Combat, Just Dance rule

Top 10 finishes for Forza, Dead Rising 2.

UK Top 40: Forza 4 fights off FIFA 12

PES lands fifth, Spider-man 39th.

HMV: Trade FIFA 12 get PES 2012 for 99p

Trade F1 2011, get Forza 4 for £1.99.

Out This Week - 14/10/11

Forza 4! Ace Combat! PES 2012! More!

Rare making 'mature' game for Xbox 720?

Turn 10, Lionhead also at work - report.

Forza 4 demo now available

Gold members only, 1.27GB download.

Fanatec Forza 4 wheel detailed, priced

High-spec add-on going for €249.

Forza 4 demo details

Quick race, Rivals mode implementation.

Forza 4 DLC season pass announced

Includes day one American Muscle pack.

Halo, Gears, Forza join Eurogamer Expo

Gunstringer, Dance Central, Kinect Sports.

Forza 4 achievements list outed

Kinect needed for 100 per cent.

Halo 4 Warthog in Forza 4

Look but don't touch.

EA blocks Forza 4 getting Porsche

"This kills me," says Turn 10 chief.

Official Ferrari racing wheel for Forza 4

Modeled on cover car F485 Italia.

Microsoft "not forcing Kinect" on devs

But gamers will "embrace" it if they use it.

The Forza 4 Limited Collector's Edition

Top Gear book! Stickers! Extra cars!

Xbox 360 Wireless Wheel costs £45

Out in the UK in early October.

Wireless steering wheel for Xbox 360

Haptic feedback! Rumble! Green bits!

Forza Motorsport 4 release date

Microsoft's racer due in October.

Forza 4 car pack, pre-order extras detailed

Cover car unveiled, new features announced.

Kinect: MS to "serve hardcore" at E3

Kinect Sports 2, Dance Central 2, more.

Forza 4 has 500 cars, 10x better looks

"Best looking game of the year" - survey.

MS doing more Fable, Halo, Gears, Forza

Has other "surprises" for E3.

New Forza 4 details emerge

Kinect features, tire tech detailed.

DiRT 3 dev unconvinced by Kinect

Controller will always be best for racers.

Forza fans turn on Turn 10

UPDATE: MS "evaluating" situation.