Fable Anniversary


Feature | What's Fable really all about?

With a new game in development with a new team, what truly drives this fascinating series?

Fable developer Lionhead Studios to shut down

UPDATE: Fable Legends beta ends mid-April. Refunds to be issued.

Fable Anniversary PC gets modding support

Plus, Lionhead make game even harder.

Lionhead teases Fable Anniversary for PC

Expect it to launch on Steam.

Feature | Definitely not on rails

Post-Molyneux, Fable and Lionhead enter the next generation.

Fable Trilogy confirmed for February

Includes Fables 2, 3 and Anniversary "at a discounted rate."

Fable Anniversary release date and bonuses announced

Coming to the UK on 7th February with limited edition DLC.

Fable Anniversary delayed to February 2014

"It's not easy making these decisions."

Fable 3 is free from Xbox.com right now

UPDATE: It's part of Microsoft's new Plus-like initiative.