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Angry Birds movie is getting a sequel

Angry Birds movie is getting a sequel

Launching on the game's 10-year anniversary.

The Angry Birds Movie is getting a sequel to coincide with the game's 10-year anniversary.

Launching on 20th September, 2019, this sequel will be another joint collaboration between developer Rovio and Sony Pictures.

The film's existence shouldn't come as a surprise given that the first Angry Birds movie earned $350m worldwide since its launch last May.

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Angry Birds movie set for 1st July 2016

Here's hoping Mickey Rourke is involved.

The long discussed Angry Birds movie has officially fallen into the hands of Sony Pictures Entertainment, where the game's developer Rovio announced it's set to come out 1st July 2016. That's a Friday, so clear your calenders now.

Angry Birds Trilogy sells over one million units, despite costing £30

Angry Birds Trilogy has sold over one million units worldwide, publisher Ubisoft has announced.

Given the series' ridiculous popularity, that may not sound like a lot, but remember, this isn't the 69p Angry Birds that we all know and love, but rather the outlandishly priced £30 / $40 retail version on Xbox 360, PS3 and 3DS (note: the 3DS version is a little cheaper at £24 / $30).

To celebrate this landmark achievement and capitalise on the series' popularity, Ubisoft is bringing Housemarque's enhanced console version of the epic story of fowl versus pigs to Wii U and Wii later this year.

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The Angry Birds movie officially announced

The Angry Birds movie officially announced

Coming to theaters in summer of 2016.

Angry Birds developer Rovio Entertainment has officially announced that it's making a feature film based on the popular mobile game.

Due in summer of 2016, the CG-animated movie is being produced by John Cohen, who recently produced Despicable Me. Former chairman of Marvel Studios and executive producer of Iron Man, David Maisel, will act as executive producer of the film.

Rovio will retain full creative control over the project by producing and financing the movie "outside the studio system," whatever that means.

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Angry Birds Trilogy review

"Better with Kinect". As a slogan, it's perfect. So pro-active! So on message! As an actual promise? Microsoft has yet to demonstrate how the addition of its hugely successful yet much maligned motion controller has improved any of the games that have incorporated it. Compatible with Kinect? Sure. Playable with Kinect? Sometimes. But better with Kinect? That's a really short list.

Despite wearing the purple stripe on the front cover, Angry Birds Trilogy won't be joining that list. It's considerably worse with Kinect, its use here apparently stemming from the common misconception that touch-screen controls and motion controls are the same thing. They're not, and Rovio's pocket-sized juggernaut offers ample proof.

Simply keeping your catapult steady is a hassle in itself; zooming in and out to view the whole screen is an infuriating chore; and the prospect of an accidental waggle launching your bird too early hangs like the sword of Damocles over every stage. Angry Birds Trilogy is emphatically not better with Kinect.

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UK chart: FIFA 13 sells 1 million copies in a week

UK chart: FIFA 13 sells 1 million copies in a week

Boots Borderland 2 from top spot.

Annual football fiesta FIFA 13 has sold a million copies during its first week on sale in the UK.

It becomes the fourth game in history to do this, following Call of Duty titles Black Ops, Modern Warfare 2 and 3.

Video game sales jumped by 196 per cent in the past seven days. FIFA 13 accounted for 71 per cent of all games sold and 80 per cent of all revenue from game sales - both of these figures are higher than last year.

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Angry Birds Trilogy will be getting DLC

Because $40 wasn't expensive enough.

We knew Angry Birds Trilogy would be a retail release with a steep price tag of $40 on Xbox 360 and PS3 and $30 on 3DS, but now Activision has revealed it plans to add DLC as well.

Activision confirms it's publishing Angry Birds HD on consoles

Activision confirms it's publishing Angry Birds HD on consoles

As Angry Birds Space hits 100m downloads.

Activision is publishing Angry Birds HD on consoles.

The Escapist had noticed a short glimpse at something Angry Birds related on Activision's E3 booth screen. It's showing the Activision logo getting hit by a little red bird which then explodes into feathers.

"We'll have some news for you in about two weeks," Activision told the website. "Wait until you see Angry Birds on consoles in HD."

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Wii U a "natural match" for Angry Birds

Rovio "not going to ignore Kinect, Move".

Rovio has told Eurogamer it is "looking at every console" as a potential nest for Angry Birds, despite having criticised Xbox Live, Nintendo and even console gaming in the past.

Rovio's huge Angry Birds riches detailed

Facebook is next platform to be conquered.

News that Rovio, the small Finnish developer Rovio behind Angry Birds, has done rather well for itself off the back of its smartphone phenomenon will come as little surprise. However, new information detailing the scope of its fortune makes for an eye-watering read.

WP7 gets Sonic, Angry Birds, more

"Six weeks of hits" announced.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Episode 1, tower defense classic Plants vs Zombies and ubiquitous feather-flinger Angry Birds are among the grandstanding titles heading to Windows Phone 7 this Spring in a big new games push just announced by Microsoft.

Angry Birds tops PSN charts

Smartphone smash triumphs on consoles.

Smartphone phenomenon Angry Birds has made a very successful hop over to consoles, topping the PlayStation Network chart in its first month on sales.

Angry Birds Nintendo 3DS confirmed

Angry Birds Nintendo 3DS confirmed

Alan Wake dev co-founder joins Rovio.

Mobile phenomenon Angry Birds will launch on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii.

In a tweet response to questions by dsfocus, developer Rovio Mobile said the puzzle game will release on "Wii and 3DS later in the year".

The plan is to launch the first Angry Birds game, Angry Birds Seasons and the upcoming Angry Birds Rio as digital downloads.

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